Programmatically add stamp layer to PDF document

Programmatically add stamp layer to PDF document

I require to examine that the message on the PDF continues to be text and doesn’t obtain converted to an image.

I am making an effort to programmatically develop an amount of PDF documents along with a watermark on each page utilizing C# or Java.

I manage to perform this after the document has actually been actually produced making use of a PdfStamper. However this seems to involve re-opening the document reading it and after that making a brand-new document with the watermark on each page.

I’m seeking a method to include an extra level to a PDF document. The layer should get on best of existing coatings and also must show a text message I desire to put on there certainly, sort of like a watermark. Currently our experts possess a method of performing this, however this just incorporates the message onto the image embedded in the PDF, that’s certainly not what I want. Anybody possesses any type of ideas if there are actually libraries (free of charge ones would be great) which do this?

Is there a technique of doing this throughout document development?

After digging into it I discovered the most effective way was actually to incorporate the watermark to each page as it was generated. To perform this I made a new course as well as carried out the IPdfPageEvent user interface as complies with:

It seems working with each yard and also portraiture and it probably helps documents along with blended alignments.

You are incorporating material that isn’t labelled. That is actually certainly not enabled. Please read through the FAQ on the formal internet site: Just how to include a page variety in the header of a PDF/An Amount A file? It explains the exact same issue, and also it discusses how to include content as an artifact. Artefacts are items of information such as page amounts, headers, footers, watermarks, … that aren’t aspect of the genuine material.

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This will certainly add a watermark on all pages of a PDF document that is provided as a byte variety.

If you acquire iText 5 development now, you could have to reword all your regulation the time you need to adhere to the rules for Identified PDF as described in PDF 2.0.

( You do not need to perform it while developing the PDF.).

PdfDocument doc = PdfReader.Open(Stream, PdfDocumentOpenMode.Modify)

foreach (PdfPage page in doc.Pages)
    page.Orientation = PdfSharp.PageOrientation.Portrait;
    var gfx = XGraphics.FromPdfPage(page, XGraphicsPdfPageOptions.Append, XPageDirection.Downwards);

    gfx.DrawString(approvalWatermark, approvalFont, watermarkBrush, new XPoint((page.Width - maxWidth + approvalDiff) / 2 - space - moveLeft, page.Height / 2 - height1 - space), format);