Convert Excel to PDF issue

Convert Excel to PDF issue

I wish to convert pdf to succeed with vbscript but it gives me an error adhering to is my code

The main reason you require to substitute xlTypePDF along with 0 (and also for others as well) is that vbscript does not realize VBA Things Version constants, like xlTypePDF. VBA immediately converts this to the enumeration value (0 ), but you need to have to define the enumeration in vbscript.

After saving it as succeed, finalize it as well as reopen it for transporting as Pdf file.

You much better attempt to shut succeed book after editing as well as waiting. You are improving stand out documents, in the very same time you are actually trying to wait as Pdf. This may create issue.

I wish to utilize c# to convert Excel documents to PDF however there are 2 concerns:

When opening a PDF document from a demand layer, you may pass the guidelines to the open demand using the/ A button with the adhering to phrase structure

which you can easily change to create your sale run. I merely tested with common Excel reports which operate fine in my system exams. If you figure out an option that benefits you, I am happy to combine your changes. The techniques (ExportAsFixedFormat and also Open up) are actually chronicled on MSDN.

I firmly question though, that it is at all achievable, to link to a particular page in a PDF. However why certainly not simply define the appropriate page in a details alongside the web link.

You can easily link the PDF data with Insert > Link > [course of documents] When the hyperlink is actually clicked on and also the PDF file exists at that place on the maker, the file will definitely be opened (after the accepts it in an alert dialog).

Of all: Performed you try to convert your data to PDF by directly utilizing MS Excel? If the issues occure certainly there, too, documents4j is helpless.

Besides that, there might be report-options collection that are demanded for creating the export effective. You may have a look at the VBS writings that documents4j runs for causing Excel conversion.

You can spare these reports regionally as well as operate them. You work excel_convert which triggers the to-PDF conversion for the given documents. You can easily clean up by running excel_stop.

I intend to connect to a specific page in pdf file whose hyperlink is actually given up excel file.i don’t really want page to open on browser.I want it to open in your area on my computer.

I must open an Excel documents when convert. When I convert Word to PDF, I didn’t require open a doc/docx report.
The PDFs are not including a graph imagewhich is actually consisted of in Excel.